Working at Boutique Hotel The Tigra****

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Working at Boutique Hotel The Tigra****

Because you grow with us.

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Why it's worth playing a part at Hotel Das Tigra.

What does it take to keep things running smoothly at the hotel? Friendly interactions, empathetic conversations, and a spirit of camaraderie are second nature to us. This also includes a healthy culture of embracing mistakes constructively. We recognize strengths; it's a living manifestation of our appreciation. All of this creates a harmonious encore of comfort!

In our exquisite orchestra at Das Tigra, the most important thing is our respectful treatment of each other. Whether it's in service, reception, or housekeeping, we all hold equal value and aim to make our workplace a source of joy. Even when there are occasional discordant notes in our professional routine, our open-minded approach quickly restores harmony so that the melody of our family-run establishment delights both our guests and ourselves.


Why Working at the Hotel is Fulfilling

We offer our employees the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all aspects of our environmentally friendly hotel powered by green energy. From working in the office handling the first booking request to creating a vibrant atmosphere in our bar area where we celebrate a successful day with a refreshing drink.

The major advantages that make joining our Tigra orchestra team appealing include flexible work hours, generous benefits, and a dependable workplace. Are you a mother with caregiving responsibilities? Our shift schedules offer ideal arrangements to balance life with children and a career. Are you a student? We can plan your work schedule to accommodate your lectures.

Do you want to work and also work on yourself? Our coaching and training programs provide many incentives. These include first aid with defibrillator training, language courses, and workshops on safety topics such as fire safety and elevator usage. Thanks to our collaboration with reputable institutions like the Samaritan Association, Wifi, Adult Education Center, IFBS, Austrian Hotel Association (ÖHV), and Hogast, our certified training programs significantly enhance your professional profile. And, of course, we don't forget the importance of social interaction. Whether you prefer rolling bowling balls or sinking billiard balls at our company gatherings will be decided at the regular meetings, just like all other essential questions.



1. Onboarding Process: At Tigra, you'll get to know every aspect of the hotel and understand in detail what truly matters for a smooth hotel operation.
2. Embrace Self-Responsibility Together: Leading oneself is an integral part of being a harmonious human being, and our promise is to guide you when things get challenging.
3. Nurturing the Mind: Life is about continuous learning, and Tigra recognizes the importance of ongoing education to play seamlessly in the orchestra. After all, even Mozart had to learn new things to create "The Magic Flute."
4. Caring for the Body: Who doesn't wish for a massage from time to time? At Tigra, we provide massages for our employees, and our partner, the Shiatsu Studio, ensures the well-being of our orchestra members' spines.
5. Be Your Own Queen or King: Our employees are guests at the house so that you can experience what it feels like to be a queen or king.
6. Work and Life in Harmony: Whether you call it "work-life balance" or a healthy approach, we ensure that private life and work go hand in hand. Our work schedules are created by the 15th of the previous month, allowing for forward planning.
7. The City is Yours: Tigra provides every employee with an annual public transportation pass for Vienna after a certain period of part-time work (20 hours per week or more with us). Enjoy free membership in the Vienna Expert Club with free entry to various museums.
8. Exceptional Word-of-Mouth: If you recommend a job to your loved ones, it means you truly believe in it. Many of our employees have come to us through personal recommendations.
9. Eat & Get-together: Enjoy team breakfasts and fresh, warm meals throughout the day, which nourish our sense of togetherness.
10. Financial Benefits: Access wholesale prices for shopping, thanks to our affiliation with the hotel industry, resulting in significant savings on your grocery bills. As a member of the Private City Hotels, Tigra offers numerous discounts, such as up to 30% off on products across various categories. Discover our ÖHV-Friends benefits and enjoy at least 25% off vacations in other participating ÖHV member establishments.
11. Connection through Attention: Receive value vouchers worth €180 at Christmas and birthday gifts.
We are proud to be recognized as one of the top employers in the hotel and hospitality industry, as confirmed by the independent ÖGVS (Austrian Society for Consumer Studies) Employer Screening.

The Sound of Your Future Teammates

Which ranges of pitch we set through the strings of our instrument.


I've been part of Tigra since 2011. I started as a housekeeper back then. Today, I work in reservations. I consider myself fortunate to have been given this opportunity. When I look back, I'm always surprised by how much I've changed as a person. I used to be introverted, but now I'm practically the opposite! A lot of that has to do with the openness I've encountered here. There's an atmosphere of collaboration, allowing us to discover hidden qualities.

A crucial aspect of this environment is a culture that accepts mistakes as a part of growth. Trust is essential because it strengthens personal accountability. It's necessary, especially in our industry, where we've weathered external crises together. Here, we have ample time to focus on our tasks and discuss issues openly.

First and foremost, we are humans here, and then we are employees. Have I ever thought about working in a larger hotel? Of course, but I know many acquaintances who work in big establishments, and they often talk about the stress. Why would I leave a place where I feel comfortable and respected?


I remember it vividly: on September 3, 2018, I signed my employment contract and began working here at the hotel. It was a thrilling experience for me. It was my first job, and I hadn't been in Austria for very long before that. Many of my colleagues come from different countries, which makes it easier to integrate and adapt. For me, learning the language quickly is crucial to truly contribute. It's essential for any role in the hotel.

What's crucial for the great atmosphere at Tigra is our willingness to connect with each other. If I have an idea on how to improve or simplify something, I can always approach my boss. He listens. They are open to smart changes and appreciate when you ask questions. Currently, I work in both service and housekeeping. Every shift presents a different challenge, and that's what's beautiful about this profession.

In the future, I can see myself working at the reception. There, I'd be even more like a concierge for the guests, recommending them where to find culinary specialties not mentioned in guidebooks or which concert is currently a hidden gem.


Who your contact persons are.



Director Stefan Bogensperger is in charge of the hotel, and he coordinates all hotel operations with joy and dedication.

  +43 1 53396 410



In the reservation department, our reservation assistant Ms. Mitchelle Merza will quickly take care of your individual room requests.

  +43 1 53396 41 108



For your company, travel office, or other agency, Mr. Richard Voss is your contact person for establishing and maintaining successful business relations.

  +43 1 53396 41 145



Markos Georgakakis, our front office manager, and his staff ensure a trouble-free check-in and check-out.

  +43 1 53396 410