The sound of shared values

The sound of shared values


A partnership that more than just sounds good: as a dynamic network of successful, privately run city hotels, PrivateCityHotels succeeds in conveying the individuality of each hotel and at the same time setting a common high standard of quality. These shared values are the main reason for our cooperation with PrivateCityHotels., because individuality and friendly hospitality are the foundation of our success.

The successful community of PrivateCityHotels. consists of 50 successful hotels in the German-speaking region and delights guests with individuality in 10 cities. The members act completely independently of one another and thus have the freedom to offer guests only the best in their hotels.

A partner that shares our philosophy is especially important to us, because at the Tigra, values are a part of everyday life. In our historic building and in the work ethic of our employees, certain things are clearly noticeable: authenticity, individuality, and hospitality. We are always here for you and behind us stands a partner that understands us and our guests and promises reliable, high quality.

3 reasons to stay with us

Mozart lived with his father and sister from mid-October to December 1762 in the hotel 'Das Tigra'!That means - to be honest, because at that time our beautiful house was not yet a hotel - the Mozart family lived with Gottlieb Friedrich Fischer in the historical part of our house, which dates back to the 16th century.

The hotel is located in the historic city center of Vienna.All nearby sights can be easily reached on foot.

Family owned hotel with personal service.The time spent in the hotel is a time of comfort and coziness. We will attentively look after you so that your Vienna becomes the Vienna that we all love.

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